Our polder farmer


aims for quality

Our polder farmer

Our Polder farmer is an out-and-out countryman. Far removed from today’s civilisation. He does his daily work right up to the farthermost corners of the Netherlands and England. Happily and without complaint. A enthusiast with a passion for perfection that aims for quality. His lambs are still given the time to frolic about and to grow. Soon you’ll be able to take a peak into the world of one of these good farmers.

Core values



As Polderlam has full control of the entire chain, we are certain that Polderlam lamb is 100% natural and 100% quality guaranteed. Additives and enhancers do not belong to our vocabulary. The lush grass and bouquet from the polder serve as the base ingredients for the unique flavour. And you can taste it!

Animal friendly


The Polder lambs come from carefully selected farmers that are dedicated to raising animals in a animal-friendly manner. Consequently, the lambs can frolic about on spacious pastures of lush grass and lots of fresh air. In addition to this, the animals benefit from extensive grazing. All in all, this gives the Polder lamb its unique, succulent flavour.

Low food miles


Polder lamb goes directly from the grasslands to the shop. Therefore, this lamb requires very few food miles before it arrives on the shelves. Eating Polder lamb is contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. And, of course, this is also an important factor in the superior flavour of the meat.